LinkedPhone - A Business Phone System in Minutes App Reviews

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Far from good

Downloaded the trial and it's extremely weird and difficult to use. It barely explains anything and text to speech continues to go back to default. And good luck actually linking a phone.

Really Nice

Details to come.

Amazing For My Business!

Who would have thought that you can create a phone system for your business through an app. Very cool. Easy and intuitive interface.

Small business owner

An easy to use and intuitive app; perfect for the modern day business owner.

Helps business

The app has helped my business to compete by giving my business a national 1800 number. The ease of the app and ability to add features I need is great.

great app for my small practice

great app for the small business owner on the go. a valuable and resourceful tool that helps to keep me linked, connected and ahead with clients, contractors and vendors.

Highly Recommend

Truly innovative app for small businesses -- eliminating not only land lines but the entire incoming phone service infrastructure. Easily managed and set up -- highly professional. I'm shocked at how good this is. Super user friendly too -- great customer support.

Very user friendly

Great for my business. Organized & seamless.

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